Turkish Drinks: What is What?

Raki, typical turkish drink
The Turkish cuisine goes well beyond Kebap and Raki, providing a high variety of dishes and drinks for every time of the day and every occasion. But for those not familiar with the names of Turkish food and drinks it might not be easy to experience all of it, if one does not want to go for trial & error. Therefore here a list of typical Turkish drinks and translations of common drinks, and don´t worry, a list of Turkish Foods will follow soon!

Turkish Drinks

  • Raki - THE national spirit of Turkey, anise-flavoured, high level of alcohol, not sweet at all, either consumed straight - called sek - or combined with some chilled water and/or ice cubes as a 4cl shot, a tek.
  • Cay - Tea, which one can find literally on every corner, black, and relatively strong
  • Ayran - Yet another famous turkish drink, salted yogurt, supposedly the national drink of Turkey at all.
  • Kahve - The turkish version of Coffee, one should sip carefully at the end as the coffee powder stays in the cup
  • Su - Water, essentially during the summer in Turkey, Maden suyu is sparkling water
  • Meyve Suyu - Fruit Juice
  • Süt - Milk
  • Bira - Beer
  • Sarap - Wine, of which Turkey has some fabulous ones. Red wine is Kirmizi sarap, white wine is beyaz sarap

And don´t forget to state "Serefe!" before you drink Raki, Sarap or Bira, the turkish word for cheers!


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