Top 3 free apps to get around in Istanbul

Travel guide apps are not the only ones which make visiting a city more easy and relaxed. Also apps like dictionaries and guides for public transportations can be very helpful - for travelers and for locals. Here are three free apps which make it easy to get around and along in the beautiful city of Istanbul. With those one you will not get lost in Istanbul and find everything you want to see, while making your way back home.

3 Apps to easily get around in Istanbul


Trafi Türkiye is probably the most useful app when it comes to finding the way by public transportation in Istanbul. And public transportation in this case covers bus, ferry, metrobus, metro/funicular, dolmuş and tram. Always there are multiple routes provided which allows to pick the most convenient one, without buses, with less walking, with ferries - you name it. Once you choose the route, it provides a listing of all the stops along the way with times, including any interchanges if necessary, a map of the journey, the approximate time it will take you to reach your final destination, and the total price. Also it fetches and displays real time information, even while using the transport. Together with showing the location on a map one always knows where one is on the actual journey and how to proceed where and when. Very useful in the quite hectic and chaotic traffic of Istanbul. Bonus: It is available in English and for Android and iOS.


Another trafic app, Moovit, but Moovit is not only working for Istanbul, also for a lot of others cities worldwide. So it is kind of the perfect transportation app for travelers. As Trafi it can fetch real time information about public transportation like traffic and furthermore the actual status of busses and metros. Moovit is available in several languages and for Android and iOS.

English Turkish Dictionary

A yet simple, but easy to use dictionary for English and Turkish Ingilizce Türkce Sözlük. It has a wide range of words and the best benefit: it is working offline. Android.


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