Art for free: SALT Istanbul

In Istanbul art can literally be found at every corner, nevertheless there are some hotspots for art in the city, one of them is the Istiklal Caddesi, the main shopping street on the European side of Istanbul. And one of the major contributors is SALT.

SALT Beyoglu - Art & Culture for free

SALT Beyoglu - Art & Culture in Istanbul
SALT Beyoglu is situated in an outstanding six-story 19th century building almost in the very heart of Istiklal. Due to SALT this building is nowadays more like a cultural complex rather than just an art gallery, especially due its multi functionality which allows SALT to host a very diverse and rich cultural program covering basically everything from displays of contemporary art, over audiovisual screenings to talks. The exhibition and displays of modern and contemporary art are spread over three floors, providing variety and also the option for huger exhibitions. Here one can find the current program of SALT Beyoglu.

More than just a place for Art

On top of hosting a variation of arts and culture all the time, SALT also has a bookstore specialized on visual culture and urban studies on the first floor, an in-house restaurant and a rooftop garden, with a patio that is open to visitors. So better be prepared to spend some more time experiencing what SALT has to offer.


SALT Beyoglu, İstiklal Caddesi 136, Istanbul, Turkey
Metro M2 to Taksim or Sishane
Tue- Sat 12:00-20:00, SUN 12:00-18:00, free


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