Viewpoints in Istanbul: Camlica Hill

View from Camlica up the Bosphorus
Camlica Hill is probably the number one spot for watching the sunset over Istanbul. It offers a unique perspective on the city, overlooking the old town - Sultanahmet, the areas of Besikatas and Beyoglu, the first Bosphorus Bridge and the main Istanbul waterway, the Bosphorus.
If the weather conditions allow it, it is even possible to see the Princes Islands and the famous Mount Uludag near Bursa.

Camlica Hill - The view over Istanbul

View from Camlica down the Bosphorus
Camlica is located about 4km from Üsküdar and divided into two hills: Kücük Camlica (‘Little Pine Hill’) and Büyük Camlica (‘Big Pine Hill’). Büyük Camlica is the highest point in Istanbul at 267m above sea level. Therefore providing the best views of Istanbul. Nevertheless Kücük CAmlica is worth visiting too, being more peaceful and offering beautiful gardens, forests and walking trails.
Especially during the spring time Camlica is worth a visit, as in anticipation of the Istanbul Tulip Festival many tulips are planted all over the area. Another colorful treat for the eyes the hills offer, together with quite some population of all kind of birds.

Apparently there are plenty of tea gardens spread over both, Kücük and Büyük Camlica, together with many benches and tables, ready for picnicking or even for a barbecue.

Things to do around Camlica

On the way to the hills there are mainly two places which can be an interesting stop. The first one Üsküdar itself, especially the water front with the view of the Maiden´s Tower and the old town Sultanahmet, another spot for a great sunset view over Istanbul. The second one is the Beylerbeyi Palace, a prime example of Ottoman architecture, located right next to the first Bosphorus bridge on the Asian side.

How to get to Camlica

Camlica is only reachable by bus:
For example by Bus 129T from Taksim, or 103 from Kabatas/Dolmabahce. Alternatively with Metro M2 to Mecidiyeköy/Sisli and changing to bus 522. 
From Üsküdar with bus 11, 13 or MR9 to Kisikli stop.
From Kadiköy with bus 14 or 14R to Kisikli stop, or 14R to Basaran Sokak.

To Üsküdar and Kadiköy it is possible to take ferries from Karaköy, Eminönü (historical peninsula) or Besiktas and Kabatas (last stop of the blue Tram 1).



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