Street Art for free in Istanbul - Kadiköy

Yet another hidden gem in the always surprising city of Istanbul is located on the Asian side, in Kadiköy. There, located in some in the first glimpse normal streets of a standard neighborhood of Istanbul, around almost every corner there is an impressive piece of street art to find. 

Backstreet Street Art

The street art in the backstreets of Kadiköy mainly features murals which have been painted during the Muralist Festival  2012 and 2013. For those who wonder what a mural is, a mural is is any piece of artwork painted or applied directly on a wall, ceiling or other large permanent surface. But now some of those impressive and marvelous murals should speak for themselves. Here are three out of eleven wall high murals, not counting all the graffitis which are to be found around the area. 

Occupy Antartica from B.Shanti of the artist collective "Captain Borderline". 

Elephant at Night by South African rooted artist Freddy Sam 

Resistencia by INTI, an artist based in Valparaíso, Chile. For everybody who wants to know more about INTI, here is an interesting interview in the Santiago Times.

For everyone interested in how these impressive mural come to life check out this great video about how some of those murals were made.

More to see for free in Kadiköy

There is more to see in Kadiköy, so if you are there, make sure to check out afterwards or before the close-by Haydarpasa Railway Station. There is also a fascinating grave yard, Haydarpasa cemetery, up the hill behind Haydarpasa Station - many graves from the crimean war and also a memorial.And if you happen to be in Kadiköy on a Tuesday, there is supposedly the most beautiful and interesting flea market of Istanbul. Who is generally interest in this kind or market might want to take a look at the Antiques Market in Bomonti on Sundays. 

How to get there

As for the most places in Istanbul there are various option to get to Kadiköy, here are the most useful ones to get close to the Street Art:
Marmary to Ayrilikcesme, from Yenikapi, Sirkeci or Üskudar
Ferries leaving from Eminonü, Besiktas or Karaköy to Kadiköy, including a beautiful ride.
Metrobus from Mecidiyeköy/Sisli, Kasampasa, Eyüp to Sögütlücesme in Kadiköy

Check out this map of Kadiköy Street Art, I marked all the murals there, and also the options of how to get there. 


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