Emirgan Park - Green Istanbul

Emirgan Park Sign
One of the biggest and most known parks of Istanbul is the Emirgan Park. The 452.000 square meter park is located on the European side of Istanbul, between the neighborhoods of Rümeli and Istinye. It is one of the big green lungs relatively close to the city centre. 
And if ones decides to take a bus from Taksim, Kabatas or Besiktas to the park, it also provides a nice ride along the shore of the Bosphorus, passing Ortaköy with its famous mosque - possible stop! - and the two Bosphorus bridges. 

Emirgan Park: Free views and recreation

Emirgan provides not only some spectacular views of the Bosphorus but also a lot of caves, ponds, waterfalls, historic trees and water ponds. Altogether with a mirad of walking paths and three restored Ottoman mansions it creates a pretty unique atmosphere. The three mansions are a prime example for the Ottoman architecture of the late years, and are named in regards to their colors, pink, white and yellow. 

The Emirgan park especially creates a unique atmosphere during the time of the Istanbul Tulip Festival in April, when thousands of tulips literally sprinkle the park with hundreds of different colors. Some of them even set up in special installments, like imitating a piano player or flying birds. The perfect place to spent some hours relaxing, and enjoying a cay - turkish tea - or a coffee, alone or with some friends.

Piano Player out of Tulips at Emirgan Park, Istanbul

Where to go after the park

After, or before, a visit to Emirgan Park there are at least three close by options one should consider visiting:

First, on the way, the famous Rumelian Castle (Rümelihisari), an old fortress which was guarding the Bosphorus Rumelihisarı is situated at the narrowest point with 660 meters of the Bosphorus strait, just opposite of Anadoluhisarı (Anatolian Castle) on the Anatolian side - Entry fee is 10 TL.

Second, the Sakip Sabanci Museum - Entry fee is 20 TL, free on wednesdays.

Third, of course another freebie, the Elgiz Museum of Modern Art, which is only a longer walk, or a short dolmus ride away, and is for free. Also a good option to check it out on the way to the Emirgan Park or back, as it is situated very close to the  ITU Ayazaga Metro M2 stop.

How to get to the Emirgan Park

There are basically two options to get to the Emirgan Park:

Bus from Taskim, Kabatas (Tram and ferry stop) or Besiktas which runs up the Bosphorus, every one going to Istinye or Yeniköy will do. For example the lines 22(RE) RE Kabataş - Reşitpaşa/Istinye, 25E Kabataş - Sariyer, 40(T) Taksim  - Sariyer or 42T  Taksim – Bahçeköy.

Metro M2 direction Haciosman until the  ITU Ayazaga stop and walking down from there, or taking a Dolmus. Alternatively until the 4. Levent stop and taking the Bus EL2.


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