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Mosques in Istanbul

In Istanbul one will literally get to see thousands of mosques, the Blue Mosque being the most famous one and renowned one. These mosques are kind of the trademark of Istanbul and its silhouette, with some being more outstanding than others. One of the most stunning mosques of the city is the Süleymaniye Mosque. Some even say it is the most beautiful one of Istanbul. In any case it is well worth a visit, even more worth as the Blue Mosque. And the best thing about all the mosques in Istanbul is that the visit is free, as long as one follows the dress code. Shoes off for everybody and women need to cover her head, shoulders and legs.

Süleymaniye Mosque

Graveyard/ Tomb/ Dome
The mosque was finalized, after seven years of construction, in 1557 to honor Süleyman the Magnificent and is situated on the third hill of Istanbul. The architect of the mosque was the widely known and worshipped Mimar Sinan, who is supposed to be the most famous architect of the Ottoman era and the Süleymaniye Mosque is seen as his masterpiece. Which makes the mosque on of the most important symbols of the golden age of the Ottoman Empire, eventually comparable with the significance of the Haghia Sophia.
Interior of the Mosque

The architecture is outstanding, especially for the time and the acoustics are near perfect, as they were taken care of by Sinan himself, according to a legend with the help of the smoke of water pipes. But the beauty of the mosque is not only about the interior design and the actual mosque, but also about the surrounding park and courtyards and religious areas. All is built with an eye for the detail and fits together very harmonically. Especially considering that the Süleymaniye Mosque is the biggest mosque in Istanbul, and with a dome of 53m height also the highest one.


Süleymaniye Mosque
Open daily 5 am - 10 pm, except during prayer times
Metro M2 Stop Vezneciler or Tram T1 Stop Laleli-University


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