Viewpoints in Istanbul: Around Galata

Galata Tower - Istanbul
The area around Galata, at the end of the main shopping street of Istanbul: Istiklal - serves basically two major viewpoints. Unfortunately they are both not for free, but nevertheless quite worth the view and at least with the latter option it is cheap and you get something for your money. And they are quite close to each other, both located in the southern part of Beyoglu.

Viewpoint Galata Tower The well known sight of the area, the Galata Tower, provides a nice view of Beyoglu and the historical district Sultanahmet. The downside is, normally there are even queues of people waiting to get in, and there is an entry fee of 10 TL. Alternatively one can reserve a spot in the restaurant which happens to be in the tower, to enjoy the view accompanied with some good food, but be prepared, the food price charges the view also. 

View from Galata Tower at Night (by Kin Chan)

Viewpoint Konak Cafe

The other option is the Konak Cafe, yet another viewpoint in Istanbul which is not for free, but at least it is easier to get in, and way cheaper, just get a coffee or your favorite cold drink and enjoy the view for a while, also nice to relax after walking around or shopping in Istiklal. There is even the possibility to just go up and take a short look, so the view for free is also an option.

Tram T1 to Karaköy or Metro M2 to Sishane
Konak Cafe Bereketzade Cami Sokak. 34420 Beyoğlu/İstanbul, Turkey


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