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Ottoman Fountains in Istanbul - Culture for free

Yet still the best way to experience Istanbul is by foot. Not only due to traffic and the partial closeness of sights, especially because literally around every corner there is something to see or to experience. One of these things in Istanbul are the Ottoman Fountains. For sure everyone visiting Istanbul will pass some of them, at least on the way from one famous sight to another. But they are often to beautiful and interesting to be just passed by. Therefore here some information about the Ottoman Fountains in Istanbul, which apparently are free to see, visit and touch.
Important Ottoman Fountains in IstanbulIn Ottoman Istanbul fountains were often built  with mosques, providing the part of the religious ritual of cleansing before and after prayer. But as often they were used for distribution of water to the public, usually as a charity. These architectural artworks show an almost forgotten part of the rich Turkish culture and history.

The most important fountains in İstanbul that hav…