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Local Markets in Istanbul - not free but cheap

This is the first post about something which is not free, but might save everybody some money. As local markets are by far the best option to buy fruits, vegetables and cheese cheap in Istanbul. Saying that it needs to be stated that the ones which are Organic Markets are relatively expensive in comparison to the normal ones, but they are still cheaper as all the organic supermarkets in Istanbul. 

And at least the unique atmosphere of a more or less packed Turkish Market is for free and nevertheless priceless!
List of Local Markets in Istanbul To provide a better overview here the markets sorted by days: 
Monday MarketsBahcelievler - Next to Türk Böbrek Vakfi Göztepe - Next to Selamicesme Özgürlük Park, starting at the Selamicesme railroad bridgeTuesday MarketsArnavutköy - Close to the Arnavutköy bus stopBahcesehir - "Pazartürk", located between Bahcesehir and EsenkentBakirköy - Zuhurat Baba, Karabal Avenue, next to the exit of Bakirköy Prof. Dr. Mazhar Osman Ruh Sagligi ve Sin…